Client Testimonials

Electric Zoo Music Festival

"Backbone is very good at ‘Things'. However, it’s dealing with ’Stuff’ where they really shine! Overall, having Backbone oversee our Things & Stuff has been both nice, as well as good. In short, Backbone is great.”
- Brian Tamke, Electric Zoo Music Festival


"Backbone is for me the only technical partner I think of when working on a (new) event. Without them it feels like you miss a part of the production. Working with Backbone always feels like working with family. When you call someone from the Backbone team with a new business request they immediately dive deep in the project and always think one step further. They always walk that extra mile because they love their business and the industry.”
- Jacqueline Vizee, Managing Partner MAAK

Sorted Management

“The show must go on…….. this is the reason we like to work with Backbone. Their global knowledge and experience in production management makes them a strong partner for us. We have been working on beautiful locations together and realized amazing projects. I look forward to the next one..."
- Bjorn Sensen, COO Sorted Management

NPO 3FM Serious Request

“The employees of Backbone always think in possibilities, instead of problems. During 3FM Serious Request 2017, we received an offer from the Dutch Army to collect money for our fundraising event, they suggested to build up a zip line in the center of the square, where, at that time, we were busy building 3FM Serious Request. Building such a zip line, during a big event, costs a lot of time, but also requires a lot of coordination with the local police and other authorities. Because of that we could image that Backbone loved the idea to build it, but that it was impossible to arrange all the alignments. The answer Backbone gave: of course we’ll arrange it. And 48 hours later, people were gliding from the town hall to the ground."
- Patrick van der Tol, Project Manager NPO 3FM Serious Request


“Backbone & Sensation go back a long way. Together we grown in this industry. We have been working together in over 35 counties the last decade. Their focus and commitment helped us to organize the best party’s in the world. We pushed boundaries in the dance industry, we have conquered productional challenges and we also have fun together. We have a strong and reliable partnership, together we form a good team.”
- Eric Keijer, Managing Director Sensation


Working with Backbone over four years has been a pleasure. Utilizing the company for their skills and know-how in the production world has been an asset to the Kingcanary team. The technical services they provide are efficient and of the best quality. They also know how maintain a professional and trustworthy client relationship. Overall, we are pleased and will continue to work with them for the ongoing years!
- Martijn van der Werff, Managing Partner Kingcanary

ALDA Events

“ Music is how we tell stories…….. Backbone International is our global partner to produce the stories. Backbone International is quality, experience and knowledge…… those elements are very important to ALDA. We have been working together for years and build a strong partnership between both companies. It’s important to understand each other and build together. Especially on projects abroad it's great to work together and organize mind-blowing projects and events."
- Dennis de Bruin, Managing Director ALDA

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