The company

Throughout the years, we’ve been producing and managing a wide spectrum of events. Events ranging from corporate brand-experiences to large-scale festivals and international touring shows.

The team

The management team consists of 3 seasoned producers that have been in the industry for many years. Each of the managing partners is running one of the strategically located offices.


Pieter Lubberts | managing director Europe
“There are certain moments when you realize that you are surrounded by people who have the same goal: to be the best in the world.
I found these people at Backbone International and it’s my focus to keep the team in producing and managing our projects at the highest level.
Merging our high (technical) production expertise and our experience in working in local markets with divers cultures around the world brings us closer to our goal. That goal is what benefits our clients and partners.”

Rutger Jansen | managing director North America
“It is my goal in life to do as many great things as possible and share this experience with as many people as possible, to have fun in what you do in life and learn from your mistakes. With the Backbone team we can take this on, no production too big or too small, we enjoy doing them all.”

Joris Joosen | managing director Asia
“From day 1 we have been building on our team and we have been mirroring our DNA. Building the best team in the world and having fun together at the same time. That’s why I’m a Backboner. I’m proud to be part of this team”

Our backbone


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